Why do I need a fraud solicitor?

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If you or your company are being accused of fraudulent crimes such as money laundering, tax crimes, investment fraud and more, then your fraud solicitor will be there to help every step of the way. From an arrest to a court trial, a good solicitor will be able to help you build the best defense.

When you are facing these accusations, it can be extremely stressful for you and/or your company, as well as very damaging. It is important to get legal help throughout the process so you know your rights and have help whilst building your defense, making it as good as possible.

You will soon discover that there are a wide range of types of fraud, and you will need a solicitor to help you build a strong defense for them. One of these is help with money laundering. If you have been accused of money laundering, then you will need advice on the best options to take throughout the process to best defend yourself. Another is help against claims of corporate facilitation, which is when you are accused of allowing someone within your company to commit tax evasion. This can be extremely damaging to you and your company if proven guilty.

Trading standards prosecutions is another one that a solicitor can help with. If your business is accused of things such as selling counterfeit goods, trademark and copyright infringement, unfair commercial practices and more, then this is when it is considered to be a breach of the trading standards. It is important to get legal help for this as your entire business could be at risk.

If you do not get legal help from a solicitor, then it can make the whole experience more stressful for you, and can risk you receiving a harsher consequence. This is because it is important to have someone representing you that knows the law, and knows every step of what will happen in the investigation against you.

What can my fraud solicitor do?

As mentioned above, they will be here with you all the way through your investigation, from start to finish. They can help you with many different aspects of the process, from giving advice to helping you in court.

When you are under an investigation for something fraudulent, there is a risk that your assets can be seized, confiscated or restrained. This is something that a solicitor can help with, and they can advise you on how to protect your assets as much as possible throughout the process. Restraint orders are one way that your assets can be affected, this is when authorities wish to freeze your assets and prohibit any movement of them. Solicitors can help with these in many ways, one being challenging all pre and post-charge restraint orders, which helps you to protect your assets from being frozen.

Another important way that a solicitor can help you is that they can create a high-standard defense against the accusations against you. A solicitor can also project these in court to further help your defense.

After a verdict has been reached about the investigation against you, whatever it may be, it will damage you and your company. This is another thing that your legal team can help you with, by advising you about ways of repairing and protecting yourself and company from the damage.

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