Why cosmetic dental treatments are on the rise

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Research has revealed that the average person in the UK takes over 450 selfies in a year. Selfie shooting has become ingrained in modern society since the rise of social media. And the most attractive feature of a selfie is a winning smile. A massive 71 per cent of adults in Britain are not confident about the look of their teeth and are therefore reluctant to show off a toothy grin in a photograph.

In establishing a perfect smile, there needs to be a few looked-for characteristics. The makeup of an attractive smile depends on teeth that are perfectly aligned with proper spacing, gums that are disease-free and teeth that are white in colour.

Far more people require the attention of a cosmetic dentist in Bromley to give them a dazzling smile than those who are gifted with DNA that naturally produces one.

Cosmetic dental treatments are procedures that specifically focus on brightening teeth, improving dental imperfections, repairing teeth and straightening their alignment. Teeth whitening procedures, veneers, dental crowns and braces comprise the different types of cosmetic dentistry available.

Reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry

The first reason to opt for cosmetic dental treatments is to enhance the smile. An attractive smile is a worthy goal for it boosts self-confidence levels which are essential should you want to get hired, promoted, form friendships or find a romantic love interest.

Conventional wisdom says that positive judgements are formed on those who smile attractive smiles. A pleasing smile indicates that the person possesses desirable personal traits such as intelligence, friendliness, and capability, with leadership potential, compassion and approachability. It is no wonder then that anyone with an imperfect smile would make enhancing their smile a top priority.

While the focus of cosmetic dentistry is largely on aesthetics, there are plenty of benefits for dental and physical health too. To keep a smile looking perfect, a person must be proactive about dental health. This invariably means maintaining a strict oral hygiene regime at home and visiting the dentist for routine oral health check-ups.

Before any type of cosmetic dental treatment can be carried out, a dental practitioner will want to establish the state of dental health. No cosmetic dental treatment can be successful if oral health is not in good condition.

Teeth and gum checks are golden opportunities for the dental professional to take steps to treat any concerning signs that point to dental disease. By implementing preventive dental measures whenever the need arises, patients are assured of retaining their natural teeth for as long as possible.

As oral health and physical health are inextricably linked, dental problems that are taken care of spell good news for the body too. Bad bacteria living in the mouth have been found to contribute to systemic chronic conditions. The bad bacteria that are responsible for the development of gum disease can make their way deeper into the body to reach vulnerable organs such as the heart and lungs. People with gum disease are at greater risk of diabetes complications, heart disease, lung inflammations, certain types of cancers, and mental disorders including Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Opting for a missing tooth replacement solution is not just good for your smile, but for the rest of your body too.

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