What do you look for in a dentist?

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When it comes to finding a new dentist Richmond, there are so many things to factor in, yet you may find yourself heading to the nearest dental practice and hoping for the best.

Whether you’re new to the area or looking for a practice close to your workplace, you can be forgiven for choosing the practice that comes up first on a search engine results page. But will you get the treatment you need now and in the future at your chosen clinic, or will you be heading off for referrals to other places further afield anyway?

Considering the treatments you think you will need as part of your search is always a savvy thing to do, and you can check out the websites many dental practices have to see what they offer. You can also call and speak to the team to get a sense of how friendly and welcoming the staff is and obtain a treatment list. Doing your homework could certainly pay dividends.


These days, dental practices are clamouring to offer more treatments to ensure patients don’t need to be referred elsewhere. This is great news for patients who are short on time and prefer to stay with who they know and trust. So, what treatments should patients consider when choosing their dentist?

The first range of treatments falls under the preventive category; these are all the treatments that can be given to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy, and you hopefully won’t need other treatments to remedy issues later on. You may wish to consider how many times a year you will be able to see the dental hygienist for a scale-and-polish to keep your teeth and gums as good as they can be, for example.

Cosmetic dentistry is also a field of dentistry that has boomed. Whether you want to get your teeth whitened or have them realigned with discreet aligners, finding a dentist who offers these treatments could get you the winning smile you have been looking for. Some treatments can also include reshaping the teeth or contouring the gum line so that less is visible when you smile. There are so many treatments available, and considering what you might want to have done when you choose your dentist could ensure that you get the clinic you need for the treatments you want.

Another area to consider is restorative dentistry. Some patients don’t want to think about losing their teeth, particularly if they’re young, but age or poor oral hygiene isn’t the only reason that people lose their teeth. Accidents, medications and illnesses are causes of tooth loss, alongside smoking and gender (men are more susceptible to losing their teeth). While many dentists offer crowns, bridges or dentures, only a few practices offer dental implants, which allow the replacement teeth to be fitted permanently and function like natural teeth. Patients only have to brush and floss as normal to maintain them and shouldn’t need to worry about their replacement teeth loosening. Knowing that your dentist offers this could be the reassurance you need, even if you think you will never require this treatment.

Finally, some patients will be excited to learn that some dental practices now offer facial aesthetic treatments for a fresh-faced look to match their beautiful smiles. Dentists are experts in facial anatomy and highly experienced in injecting facial muscles and performing delicate procedures in a sterile environment. So, where better to get a range of treatments to enhance your face than from your dentist? Check out whether the practice you are considering offers these treatments.


Once you have researched the treatments and gotten a feel for the practice, remember to book a consultation to discuss your specific concerns, and your dentist will be able to examine you and recommend treatments tailored for you. When you find the dentist you’ve been looking for, you can then look forward to a healthy smile that you’ll want to smile about!

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