What are the psychological effects of tooth loss?

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For many cultures of the world, losing teeth is just a part of growing older. But we live at a time when gaps in our dentition can feel like we’re losing much more than just a tooth, due to the expectations of society. It can feel symbolic of something and no one should feel guilt over their feelings of upset or shame in the loss, therefore it is a good idea that anyone in this situation contact a dentist about dental implants Windsor. Tooth loss is an important medical issue and should be addressed accordingly.

The nitty gritty

Back in 2013 there was a study that reported the psychological trauma of tooth loss was comparable to losing any other part of the human body. Yes, for some people the idea of losing a tooth could evoke the same emotional response as losing an arm or a leg. It is unlikely that anyone can deny that this is a serious mental health issue and what’s worse is that, unlike losing a limb, tooth loss has historically been treated as a joke and people even picked on for having a tooth missing. People can lose teeth for all kinds of reasons: an accident, bone deterioration, gum disease or decay are all factors and no one cause is less impactful than another. There is a need to work to remove the stigma and shame around gum disease and decay, as both affect many people and it’s not always because they aren’t taking care of their teeth, it’s just that they might not be getting to one particular area well enough when going through their dental hygiene routine, but that’s another story.

So you’ve lost a tooth and it’s taken your confidence with it, you don’t want to see your friends for fear of embarrassment, you don’t want to go to the shops in case people stare, you don’t even like looking at yourself in the mirror anymore. This really doesn’t sound like much fun or a healthy, happy lifestyle and living with anxiety can be crippling – no one deserves a life of shutting themselves away. Then of course there are the practical elements – you need your teeth to chew and digest. Missing teeth can cause digestion issues and the gut/brain connection is a strong one. Ninety per cent of serotonin (the happy hormone) is made in the gut, poor digestion can elevate any negative feelings you could be having.

So what can I do?

Well luckily we live in a clever world where you can have brand new false teeth implanted into your jaw, that are fully operational and look extremely natural. Dental implants could be a really amazing, life-changing solution for you. Dental implants are small screw fittings that are secured into the jaw, then at a later date a false tooth that is designed to match your remaining natural teeth is fitted on top. All you need to do is contact your dentist to see if they offer dental implants. Not all people are suitable for them, but there are lots of other replacement options such as bridges and dentures that could really improve the quality of life for those suffering from a lack of confidence.

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