What are orthodontic braces?

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Orthodontics in Weybridge is a popular type of dentistry which essentially strives to amend the appearance of misaligned teeth (this may include front protrusion of the teeth or general crookedness the patient wishes to resolve). Many individuals may mis-associate the image of ‘metal braces’ with patients’ of a young age, despite this however many adults are now searching for a straighter smile in their later years to gain that boost of confidence they may so desire!

Are orthodontic braces right for you?

Many individuals may think of traditional metal braces when the words ‘orthodontic braces’ are spoken of, however, many modern (and therefore facilitating) dental clinics, are now looking to answer the ever-increasing demand for more discrete dental alternatives! Despite traditional metal braces proving to be highly effective for many patients’ suffering from severe misalignment concerns, subtle orthodontics are now becoming extremely popular for patients of all ages!

What are subtle orthodontics?

Subtle orthodontic braces are essentially more discrete appliances which strive to not only look fantastic within the mouth (due to their discrete physical appearance) however they also produce effective, and therefore long-lasting dental results for the patient! Just one example of the many appliances which are now answering the demand for subtle orthodontic dentistry, are Invisalign clear aligners!

What are Invisalign clear aligners?

Invisalign is often mistaken for the appliance term for clear aligners, however, it happens to be one of the most popular brand providers of this particular orthodontic appliance both on a national, and even global scale!

Did you know?

Invisalign clear aligners have produced over four million happy smiles on a worldwide scale, they could easily be argued as the largest brand provider of transparent aligners, and work rapidly to produce straighter, and therefore happier smiles! Many patients’ are now leaning more towards this ‘invisible’ brace option, but how does a patient know if it is right for their unique dental case?

A patient-centred dental approach

Many modern dental clinics are now choosing to adopt a patient-centred dental approach within the walls of their dental surgery, but what benefits does this have for the patient? A tailor-made dental approach essentially ensures the patient achieves the best possible results for their individual dental case, whilst working with the dental healthcare professional to decipher the best possible treatment plan for their smile!

What happens next?

Once the patient has decided that clear aligners are right for them, they may be wondering what happens next regarding the treatment process! During an initial consultation, the patient can expect to decipher the best possible course of action for their own individual dental case! Once Invisalign clear aligners have been deemed as the best possible orthodontic appliance right for the individual’s smile, there are several standardised dental procedures typically taken next!

One step closer towards your dream smile

Invisalign clear aligners embrace the latest advancements within dental technology, this means there is no longer a need for unpleasant (and messy!) dental putty that many patients’ may dread prior to their orthodontic appointment! A 3D scanner is used to predict the steps the teeth will take to achieve the desired end result, whilst creating the impressions hassle-free!

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