What are dental implants in Melbourne?

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If you are an individual who has lost one or even several teeth within the mouth, then you may believe bridges, dentures, or flexible dentures are the only option you have. Dental implants may be a suitable option for you if you are someone who wants:

  • A low maintenance after care routine, for example, so change or alteration in the dental hygiene maintenance routine (brushing, flossing, e.tc).
  • A natural looking alternative to natural teeth, so much so that it will not be noticeably different to natural teeth.
  • A solution to discomfort and pain that is caused by missing teeth or even several missing teeth within the mouth
  •  To be able to eat normally again
  • To be able to speak normally again
  • An aesthetically pleasing and natural looking smile
  • A huge boost in self -esteem and confidence.

How do dental implants in Melbourne work?

Dental implants are essentially small titanium screws (typically less than one centimetre long) which are placed in the jaw to replace the missing tooth, which may have been lost through either health concerns (for example, gum disease) or maybe even an accident (falling off a bike, for example). Crowns, bridges, and dentures can then be fixed into place, and therefore adhered to the dental implants.

What are the life benefits of undergoing dental implants in Melbourne?

One of the life benefits of undergoing dental implants is that it can improve your oral,and overall general body health. Having a missing tooth can cause a wide array of issues and concerns, which may not be considered by many individuals. Having a lack of one or even several teeth within the mouth can cause a mass build up of bacteria within the mouth, this can later on lead to gum disease, and even more severe health concerns.

When you have a lack of tooth within the mouth, the bone of your jaw, and surrounding tissue, may disappear or decay over time. When implants are placed, the bone is stimulated and the bone re grows, and meshes with the metal (base of the dental implant). Tiny blood vessels also prevent bone loss. Having a loss of a tooth or even worse, several teeth, can lead to a ‘sunken look’ of the face, which leads to an ageing appearance.

Why should I choose dental implants over other forms of dentistry?

‘State of the art’ dental implants are considered the gold standard for replacement, as it does not rely on their teeth for support and works by using an individual implant. This means healthy surrounding teeth are not affected and a minor surgical procedure allows the dental implant to stand alone. The implant fuses with the bone itself, providing a solid support for a natural looking porcelain crown.

The success rate is high, at around ninety five percent. These cost more initially, however with proper care they can last a lifetime. Alternative forms such as bridges can cause tooth decay, as well as damaging the surrounding teeth.

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