What are dental implants and why may I choose to undergo dental implants at a dentist in Mackay?

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Dental implants are essentially small titanium screws (typically less than one centimetre long) which are implanted into a small hole into the jaw, in order to replicate the natural root of the teeth. Dental implants consist of three parts; the base, abutment, and the porcelain crown (or bridge, denture e.t.c). Dental implants can be sued for single dental implants, as well as several rows of teeth, and even a whole row of teeth.

Why may individuals need dental implants at a dentist in Mackay?

Individuals may choose to undergo dental implants if they have lost one tooth, or even several teeth within the mouth. Losing teeth within the mouth may be due to a variety of reasons, one of which being health concerns. Losing a tooth in the mouth may be due to certain oral diseases such as gum disease or having an accident, such as a bicycle accident. Individuals who wish for a better appearance, whilst maintaining a natural looking appearance, may choose to undergo dental implants. Having a dental implant means that individuals can maintain their normal dental hygiene routine and they may not even notice the difference between the implant and their natural pre-existing teeth.

What issues can having missing teeth within the mouth cause?

Having one or even several teeth missing in the mouth can cause extreme discomfort, and even pain within the mouth. Dental implants can help to solve these issues, by undergoing this form of dental implant at a dentist in Mackay. When eating food or drink, having a missing tooth can cause difficulty and food and drink of extreme cold and hot temperatures can also cause extreme sensitivity. In terms of a patient’s physical appearance, having a missing tooth can correlate directly with a low self esteem. Having dental imperfections can cause hindering in an individual’s appearance, which may lead to obstacles in a patient’s career prospects. Issues can also arise when attempting to maintain a normal dental routine, as brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash can cause extreme discomfort.

Are there different types of dental implants?

One more common type of dental implant is a single dental implant. This may be more frequently thought of when individuals hear the word ‘dental implant’. All-on-four dental implants use four dental implants to support a bridge of porcelain crowns within the mouth. These dental implants are extremely popular as an alternative to a dental denture. Dentures are not viewed as a permanent dental option for the majority of patients. All-on-four dental implants are viewed as a long term alternative, and dental implants (with proper aftercare and good dental hygiene) can last a whole lifetime, with regular and routine dental check ups to ensure the correct progress is being made.

Does the dental implant process hurt?

Despite common misconception, the dental implant process can be relatively pain free, and a local anesthetic can be taken in order to ease a patient’s nerves and anxiety.

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