Things to keep in mind when designing your own website.

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Nowadays, every company has its own website. People use Google and other internet search engines to search for products and services and if you want people to be able to find you, a website is the way to go. Both freelancers and fully-blown companies will benefit from having a website that promotes their products and services. The question is: what do you need to create such a website? We would like to present you with some tips and tricks so you can create your own website.

An Internet Host

First of all, you need a host like iPage that allows you to put your website online. if you can’t find any, there is no need in spending type creating a website cause you can’t do anything with it. An internet host provides you with a small fraction of the World Wide Web that you can use however you like. Many hosts offer a basic hosting service that is free. You can choose the number of webpages that you want to create and the capacity of your online storage. The more data storage you have, the more images you can upload. If you want more, there is the possibility to expand your website via a premium account. A paid account includes more data storage and more webpages.

Creating the Website

Then, it’s time to start on your website. Often, a web host already presents you with some tools that you can use to create the website. If not, you can search for a software program that can help you. Designing your own website is fun and you might want to go overboard with colors, headlines and images. But keep the future visitors of your website in mind. Bold headlines and large, colorful images might chase your customers away before they even took the time to view your products or services. Keep your homepage clear and simple although a nice graphic touch makes it unique. From the start, it should be clear what kind of website it is. Create a recognizable logo and make sure that graphic design and functionality are in balance.

Websites with a Purpose

Some websites have a particular purpose. Think for instance of websites that are used as an online shop. In that case, the website should be accessible to your customers. That means there should be a possibility for your customers to create an account. The account should come with a digital shopping basket or shopping cart in which customers can place the items they want to sell. But there is more to it. For yourself, you should include a system that keeps track of your inventory so customers won’t see clothes or cosmetics that are already sold out. A website for software programs should make it easy for customers to download the software and the instructions that come with it. If you are new to this kind of technology, you might want to ask a professional web designer to help you with the technical part. With a little help, anybody can design a website.

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