The Not So Attractive Side Of The Fashion Industry

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Thousands of young women idolize models in the fashion industry.  There are television shows to showcase their fabulous lifestyles, and magazines on every shelf, displaying a posh existence.  What more could a young woman or man want in life?

What the TV shows and advertisements do not show is that many of the men and women involved in the fashion industry struggle daily with substance abuse.  Take a deeper look inside the not so attractive side of the fashion industry with this short synopsis.  

Cocaine is a prevalent addiction

Cocaine is one of the most commonly abused substances present in today’s fashion industry.  The models, the designers, and everyone else involved in the constant primp and prep is typically a friend of the white powder.  

Fashion requires long hours and endless days, followed by lavish parties and another day of work.  The cycle is often never ending, and the effects of cocaine provide a perfect energy boost to make it through the endless demands of a model’s schedule.  

The effects of cocaine only last up to 30 minutes, so it is easy to develop a habit.  Tolerance is developed quickly, and users end up having to use much more to gain the same desired effect.  

“Heroin chic” in the fashion industry

Heroin use in the ‘90s was almost clearly made into a fad.  The fashion industry’s “heroin chic” style represented by models such as Kate Moss, depicted a “stylish” twist on the heroin induced anorexic look.  

Though heroin is not a good pick-me-up drug, it is great for relaxing after a long day’s work.  Younger and less popular models may also be prone to the heroin scene, as it helps relieve the pain of working and keeps the individual super thin.  

The industry’s blind eyes

The fashion industry’s blind eyes could be one of the worst contributions to the widespread drug use that plagues the hosts of its demanding nature.  Not only is there no consequence for drug use in the fashion community, there is no clear road to recovery.  

Rehab clinics are a faux paux for a model, and treatment is not an easy escape from the addiction.  Everyone knows that rehab is a rough and emotional road to recovery, and most fear the realization of their disease. 

The psychological effects of the industry

The whole industry of fashion is built around a surface-level beauty that is not easily maintained.  Models go through terrible body shaming on an almost daily basis.  

Though not all models turn to drug use during their careers, there is a clear epidemic in the industry.  Long, relentless schedules, and the pressure to look pristine at all times can severely damage a person’s emotional state.  

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