The importance of dental websites

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Why do you need a dental website?

A good website is necessary for the success of any business and with dental practices up and down the country, available on every High Street, it is important to have a good online presence. A modern and eye-catching website which will hold the attention of the reader is the first step to increasing the number of patients and expanding the exposure of your practice to a greater audience. Most practices are using dental websites to help find new patients and if you have not already done so then it is important to seek the help of an experienced dental marketing team to ensure that the practice receives maximum exposure in an already overcrowded market. Loyalty maintains numbers but does not increase patients and gone are the days of word-of-mouth referrals, everyone is searching for their requirements online and if a potential patient does not come across your dental practice when asking Google about their dental problems or needs, then they will be visiting your competitors instead. Even your regular patients may be searching online to see what other dental practices are offering, therefore an effective and successful online presence is essential to help the dental practice prosper in this digital age.

What makes a good dental website?

The development and maintenance of a good dental website requires the expertise and experience of an award-winning dental marketing team. This allows the dentist to focus their time and efforts on their area of expertise whilst the dental marketing team deals with the technicalities of online marketing which are ever-changing and can be complicated and time consuming. Firstly, the marketing team will collate information with regards to the practice to help address the 7PS of marketing which will be used to create the content of the website. The 7P’s of marketing firstly address the Profile of the dental practice and its USPs which will be the information that is used to create an exciting and attractive homepage for the website. The remaining six P’s of marketing will be used to make up the content of the website and these include the People at the dental practice, ensuring that the team are portrayed in the most friendly, reassuring and confident manner, smiling happily with their beautifully white and perfect teeth. The actual Premises itself will be shown off using photos which not only indicate cleanliness and professionalism but also bring a sense of comfort and luxury. Virtual tours are also helpful in installing a sense of reassurance in the reader, especially amongst nervous patients who are usually the ones who want to find out as much as possible before they decide to book an appointment. Prices of the treatments and procedures will be visible so that the patient knows what to expect and whether it is suitable for them, offering payment plans where necessary to help entice the reader. Promises and proof of successful treatment will also be showcased throughout the website using reviews and ‘before and after’ pictures which also help encourage the reader to consider dental treatment at the practice. Finally, any Products, such as individually tailored treatment plans that can be offered by the practice will be presented to help stand out from the competition. Speak to the specialised dental marketing team today to find out more about how a good dental website can help benefit your dental practice.

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