The benefits of a wooden worktop

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For those looking at renovating their kitchen or who are building a whole new house and have perhaps been looking for the ideal worktop to use in their cooking space then the search is over because worktops that are wooden are the best work surface that nature has to offer. In the UK a wooden worktop is the epitome of style and sophistication that rivals all other options that may be considered by bringing warmth into the heart of the home that stone simply cannot offer.

Why wood?

For those that may need help convincing their partners that a wooden worktop is the way to go, below is a list of pros that can be used in order to win over a partner who may be digging their heels in about this particular choice of work surface.


As always, aesthetics first; no two trees on this big green and blue planet are the same, and no piece of wood collected from any tree is like any other which means that the collected staves of wood that make up wooden worktops produce a surface that is wholly unique in its appearance. Wood tells a story of decades and each tree is affected by the environment around it causing marks and growth fluctuations that affect its appearance – this story can be seen in wood countertops making for that extra bit of history added to any home.

Speaking of history, a wooden work surface will collect more stories over time as it is oiled, has wine spilt on it, and shows the marks of use over the years; it will develop a character that no other work surface can manage.

Matching – There is nothing that doesn’t match with wood, any colour or texture can go with it from duck-egg blue walls to bevelled white tiles, clients can choose a wooden design that easily matches their style of home whatever it may be.

Timeless – If we are talking style then the best choice is always going to be wood, it never goes out of style and will still be fashionable and functional for generations to come.


Now while everyone wants their kitchens to look beautiful and the rather romantic idea of history titillates the taste buds, there has to be a strong element of functionality that comes into play. There is a reason that bakers and chefs alike use wooden worktops as their first choice when it comes to cooking and this is for a number of reasons;

Durability – Some of the oldest kitchens in the UK still sport their original oak worktops that were set in place when the properties were built, and these are still functional today and have a certain nostalgic element about them as they have developed their own character with time and use.

Naturally hygienic – Wood is naturally antimicrobial and hygienic which is another reason that it is the prime choice for cooks all over the world, as it is easy to clean and all the maintenance needed is an oiling every 6 months to stop cracks that could cause food to collect and rot.

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