Staying Healthy In The Office

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Working in business often requires long hours sitting stationary at a work space.  Though the critical thinking may be exercising your mind, you must not neglect to consider your physical body as well.  

Sitting stationary for too long can cause bad circulation, back aches, neck aches, and a whole slew of other ailments over time.  It’s important that you educate yourself on the steps you can take to avoid the adverse effects of office life on your body.

To get you started, check out a few helpful tips for staying healthy in the office.  Consider what you might do to reshape your work day.

Invest in ergonomic equipment

If your office chair, your keyboard, your mouse, and mousepad are not the best for comfort, it is worth investing your own money in an upgrade.  Proper ergonomics in the office can make a world of difference in your physical health over time.  

On the flipside, equipment that is not setup to properly support your wrists and back can cause carpal tunnel and other painful skeletal issues.  Back pain is the number one complaint of individuals who work sitting down for more than 30 hours per week.

Get up and move around

Sitting stationary for several hours at a time isn’t the best for your heart and your blood circulation.  It is best to stand up and stretch once every hour to keep your body loose and your blood flowing.

Sitting for too long can cause high blood pressure, muscle atrophy, blood clots, and many other conditions in individuals over the age of forty.  If you’re up to the challenge, try converting to a standing work space.  

Blink your eyes more often

Staring at a computer screen all day is terrible for your eyes.  There are certain screens you can purchase now that are better for your vision, but you’re still staring at a screen.  

Blinking is one of the most effective ways to protect and preserve your vision.  Too often, we forget to blink for long periods of time, drying out the sensitive layers of the eye.  You should be blinking 15-20 times per minute to adequately lubricate your eyes.  

Bring healthy snacks to work

Leave the chocolates and the candy at home (or even at the grocery store).  Sitting all day is challenging enough for your body, it doesn’t need an added influx of sugars and processed foods.  

Bring healthy snacks to work to keep your metabolism running smoothly throughout the day.  Packing packs of nuts, fresh fruit, and granola bars is a much better way to stay healthy at the office.  

Drink plenty of water

Step away from the vending machines.  Drink water all day while you are working, and you will not have to battle the 2 o’clock sleepy session as often.  You may still get a little drowsy, but you’ll find it won’t be overwhelming.

Sugary drinks like sodas pump you full of caffeine and sugar, so you feel great for a little while.  Then, you crash. Save yourself the hassle, and learn to love the life-giving power of water.  

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