Standards For Stellar Performance: Business Website Design Tips

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Even if your business website has been up and running for years, there is probably still plenty of room for improvement.  Think of your business website as an evolving entity. As technology evolves, so should your digital design efforts.

It may help to formulate a design checklist, and see where your website has room to grow.  Here are a few of the most basic design elements of a successful business website. Read through a brief overview, and reconsider your own design tactics.  

Let there be… a way to get around

Every website needs a clear way to move around the content of the domain.  Your business website’s navigation options shouldn’t be complicated. Creativity is a great expression, but keep it simple when it comes to navigation.  

The traditional way of incorporating navigation into a business website’s design is by working a stationary navigation bar into the layout of your site.  Check out this example site to get a visual of what’s being described.  

Learn to incorporate search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is just as it sounds.  SEO really consists of a collection of effective content creation and management skills.  

When you learn how to properly incorporate the concepts of SEO, your business website’s content will rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages), effectively raising your web traffic.  

Effective SEO tactics mean that people will see your content among the first results when they use Google to search a relevant terms to your website.  Spend time researching search engine optimization.  It is an invaluable skill for all web designers.  

Social media sharing buttons boost traffic

Social media is one of the most popular entities of the internet.  You cannot afford to skip out on the opportunity for visibility offered by the most frequented social media platforms.  

Work several social media sharing buttons into your design.  Add them to the bottom of every blog post, on your homepage, on your contact page, and anywhere else you decide is a good spot for sharing.  

Encourage communication through design

Communication is an absolutely necessary part of running a business, and your business website should reflect that as a staple of success.  In addition to your contact page, your website should have added attempts to touch base with web users.

Place a phone number or a simplified contact form on the homepage, so it’s easy to see.  Allow users to leave comments and answer polling questions at the end of your blog posts.  Find creative ways to engage your viewers, and success will find you.  

Mix up quality media throughout

Mixing up the type of media present in your content is a strategic way to capture viewers for just a little bit longer.  Use a mixture of high quality images, videos, questionnaires, and polls throughout the content of your business website.

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