Short term treatment options for straight teeth

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Braces in Edinburgh are not just for younger people. This treatment is fast becoming a popular solution for adults who are looking to quickly and easily correct the alignment of their teeth with one of the many cosmetic treatments that are available.

Removable options, clear aligners or fixed devices are the three different kinds of teeth straightening choices that patients can choose from if they are looking for fast, effective short term systems that will deliver them long term results.

They are very attractive to working professionals who do not feel prepared to sacrifice a couple of years to go through the teeth straightening journey in order to achieve these results. Some treatments, such as the fixed option, Six Month Smiles, as the name suggests, can straighten teeth out in as little as half a year.

This is a time frame that most people can accept and work with and therefore is extremely beneficial to those individuals who would like to straighten their teeth for cosmetic and health reasons, but are not prepared to undergo lengthy and complicated procedures in order to do so. 

Debunking some myths surrounding straightening adult teeth

Many adults think that they cannot wear aligners to straighten their teeth, however this could not be further from the truth. Straightening teeth in adulthood can take slightly longer than if they had been corrected a few years ago when an individual was younger. This is because the bones are more supple and able to change during this period. However it is not impossible and certainly no more difficult.

By speaking with a dentist about their personal situation, a patient will probably be pleasantly surprised to hear about the vast range of different options that are available to them, so they are enabled to enjoy their smile even more.

Teeth will never straighten out by themselves. There are some occasions where removing a tooth is beneficial for teeth to be less cramped and therefore straighten out, but this is only in specific situations. If an adult loses a tooth because it has been knocked out or it needed to be extracted because it was too badly damaged or diseased, it is not possible for their remaining teeth to straighten out because they now have more space.

In fact, teeth generally get more misaligned with age, so there is no time like the present to straighten out teeth and get that much wished for smile that patients deserve. They are healthier, stronger and more attractive, giving individuals that boost of confidence in themselves and their ability to eat and speak with ease.

Depending on the choices that a patient makes with regard to what style of cosmetic teeth straightening devices they choose, they will experience differing advantages and disadvantages. If they would like the option of removing their device for eating, then perhaps the Inman aligner is a choice for them. If they are eager to discreetly straighten their teeth, then Invisalign has offered removable, clear aligners to millions of people worldwide.

And if a person simply wants to see great results but in the shortest amount of time possible, they can opt for the fixed Six Month Smiles to quickly and effectively correct the alignment of their teeth, so they can move forward and be proud of their healthier smile for the rest of their lives.

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