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Shiny, happy, people

Nowadays, there is increased focus in the media, films and television on having a bright, white, straight and healthy looking smile. Whilst this is, no doubt, a diluted perspective on reality, and the majority of medically healthy teeth wouldn’t make the cover of Vogue, it has had a vast impact on the amount of people across the country seeking cosmetic dentistry solutions. Patients are increasingly turning to their cosmetic dentist in Bromley to achieve a straighter, whiter and more Hollywood looking smile.

Shining like the stars

One of the most popular methods of cosmetic dentistry solutions across the Bromley area, is teeth whitening. This has grown massively in popularity across all age and sex demographics in recent years, and the numbers are continually increasing. Tooth whitening treatments are designed to improve teeth which have superficial stains, caused by certain lifestyle choices resulting in teeth becoming yellowed or stained. Some of the reasons that teeth can become stained include; drinking tea, black coffee or red wine, smoking or taking certain medications. Neglect or poor diet can also result in teeth becoming stained, and lead to patients seeking tooth whitening treatments. There are two main forms of cosmetic tooth whitening which are offered from cosmetic dentists in Bromley, both utilise a specialist peroxide-based whitening gel, which can eradicate years of detrimental, superficial damage to teeth, and result in them appearing far whiter. The first form of treatment is known as power whitening, which is carried out within the dental practice. The basis of this treatment consists of applying a peroxide based whitening agent directly to a patient’s teeth, and then shining a specialist UV light onto them, which activates the bleaching agent within the gel. This gel acts immediately, and can result in patients having whiter teeth in as little as an hour. The second form of cosmetic tooth whitening available within the

Bromley area, is home whitening. This process is one which can be carried out from the patient’s home, and initially consists of a mould being created of their mouths – from which a tray is created. Patients then take the tray home, and apply a layer of whitening gel into it. The patients then wear the tray over the course of two weeks, at a time which is convenient to them – such as when asleep.

Instant smiles

Another cosmetic dentistry treatment which is vastly popular within the Bromley area, is CERC treatment. This is designed for patients who have a busy lifestyle, but still want to achieve straighter, more cohesive and healthier looking teeth – without making numerous trips to their dentist. CERC stands for ceramic reconstruction, and has been designed so that patients need only attend their dental practitioner just once to have permanent crowns, veneers or overlays created by utilising a state-of-the-art machine which can create crowns, overlays or veneers instantaneously, whilst the patient is still in the dental chair. This negates the need for uncomfortable moulding tools or retainers to be worn, and vastly reduces the overall timescale of the treatment. Treatment through CERC is also strong and durable, as a specialist dental adhesive bonding agent is used to attach the crowns or veneers to the patient’s teeth. This treatment allows patients to walk out of the practice the same day they walked in, with a fully restored and renewed smile, and the self-confidence to match.

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