Restorative Dentistry

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Visiting the dentist for general day-to-day care appointments can feel somewhat a nuisance. Time taken out of your busy day, the extra clean before you go in to attempt a smoother appointment and then the potential treatments or procedures that may follow. The thought of it all can put you off. However, on the other side of the coin is the dental team who are there when you feel most vulnerable. The team who restores your sanity by reducing and eliminating any tooth discomfort.

The role of the dentist within your life can be a complicated one and within the world of dentistry, the role of the dentist can be a varied one; from general dentistry, to emergency dentistry to cosmetic. No matter the role when it comes to restorative dental treatments, more often than not the role of the dental team encompasses all of the above.

Replacing the tooth.

Whilst the recommendation is to always seek emergency dental help should a tooth or teeth be lost as an adult, for those who have left it unattended for some time, all is not lost. Dental Implants in Ipswich concentrate on implanting an artificial root and then replacing the visible surface side of the tooth to blend in with the rest of the smile. Due to the replacement of the entirety of the tooth, once days, months or years have passed it is still possible to go down the implant route.

That being said, there are a number of factors which affect the implant procedures and therefore it is important to understand the impact of leaving a gap within the smile for a long period of time. Below are a couple of reasons to get any tooth loss dealt with promptly.

A broken smile.

A smile can brighten up a face, change the mood of another, soften the features of the person wearing it and help express delightful emotions. Whilst a smile with gaps within its structure is still able to express itself, the impact can be dampened particularly for the individual wearing the smile. Low self-esteem can begin to form and the ability to hide behind a mask can become a habit that continues to impact your confidence.

The sunken features.

For those that decide to leave the gaps within their smile to ‘heal’ on their own, as years pass the jawbone can begin to recede and leave the definition of the face rather sunken in appearance. The oral implants are then less likely to be able to be implanted without the help of a bone graft as the jawbone would have insufficient depth. The further complications from the tooth loss can impact the treatment or procedure choices and therefore dealing with the issue more promptly ensures that the restoration choices are broader.

Further tooth loss.

Losing the odd tooth may not have seemed like an issue, however as the gap is left, over time the structure of the surrounding teeth can weaken. The other teeth may slant towards the gaps and further toot loss is likely to occur if left without treatment.

Seeking help with your dental team immediately after the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth ensures that the smile can be preserved as quickly and efficiently as possible with little impact to life.

Therefore, if you have suffered from tooth loss, whether recently or in the past, contact your dental team now so as to avoid further detrimental impacts to your smile. 

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