Recreating Creativity: 3 Unusual Arts and Crafts Ideas

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Who doesn’t remember arts and crafts time in school when they were growing up?! It was second only to recess. It was one of the times of the day where 2+2 could equal whatever we wanted it to. There were no right or wrong answers and we could just do us.

If we wanted a green ocean and red grass in our drawing, we could do that. Making telescopes out of paper towel rolls and houses out of popsicle sticks was the coolest thing in the world.

With that said, we have all grown a little since then and occasions for arts and crafts time are few and far between. Our ideas of what is fun and creative have changed, as well. Below are three ideas that may cater to both our new found maturity and changing sense of adventure.


Yes, you read that right. Pipes. We use pipes and their fittings for all kinds of things. There are handy in the directing our water sources, delivering gas to our vehicles, and playing beautiful music.

Be that as it may, have you ever considered using them for an arts and crafts project? Pipes and pipe fittings have been the focus of many Pinterest projects of late. From pipe shelves and lamps to hammocks and other furniture, industrial pipes, in particular, have made a huge splash in the arts and crafts world.

Many may not consider making your own furniture out of pipes to be a form of art, but when you consider the time and creativity that goes into each piece, there really isn’t another fitting title.


Cardboard is not new to the arts and crafts scene, but the way it is currently being utilized is. Monami Ohno is a Japan native who is not only building new ways to recycle but is personally molding a new art form.

Cardboard is the newest canvas for sculpting. As a highly educated 3D animator, Ohno discovered that maintaining a place where she could capitalize on her skills was more expensive than she could keep up with. While she was looking for more income, she began to work with other materials.

She found that cardboard was a surprisingly workable material and sculpted her way to some pretty impressive and very detailed pieces of art. The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and the Delorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future are two of her more famous pieces.


No, we aren’t talking about a spiritual awakening that leads you through the unopened doors of your soul. We are talking about genuine doors. Wood ones, metal ones, and even plastic doors have become the object of some great craft ideas.

Some have served as a place to hold several family photos showcasing memories that have made your family who they are. Others create a great background for catchy sayings like “Welcome to our home where you can open the door of your heart and feel welcomed.”

Have you reached the point where it is time to purchase new doors? Don’t throw the old ones away. Recycle them and use them for great craft ideas that can bring new character to your home.

The next time you are looking for something creative to do, look around the house. You never know where you might find help creating creativity.

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