Patients can get their missing teeth back with dental implants Windsor  

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For patients living with missing teeth life can be full of discomfort and pain that can effects their lives everyday in ways that may seem small to others but to the patient, these effects can have a major impact.

Many people who lose a tooth or several teeth find that they may have to make slight changes to the way they use their mouths, some may decide to avoid tougher food such as steak, as a way to avoid any discomfort, while others may have missing teeth at the front of their mouths may try to avoid smiling in public as a way to save themselves from any feeling of embarrassment.

Many people who lose teeth find themselves investigating ways that they may be able to replace or regain their missing teeth, this often brings them into contact with oral aids including  bridges or dentures, which are utilised in case of extreme tooth loss. Even though these aids go some way to offering patients a tooth loss solution they do come with their challenges and do not offer the patient a long term, fixed-in-place device to help them replace their missing teeth.

With dental implants Windsor, a patient can access a solution to tooth loss that is hard-wearing and fixed in place, giving them new teeth that will feel as natural as the teeth they had lost. These replacement teeth are tough enough to cope with the hazards and rigours of use throughout daily life.

The procedure to replace a tooth

The procedure to replace a tooth begins with a titanium screw being inserted into the jawbone of the patient, this will help develop a durable and stable core for the patient’s new tooth to be attached to and held securely in place within the patient’s mouth. The new replacement tooth is made from a crown created with ceramic material, this makes the new tooth extremely strong and hard-wearing allowing it to stand the tests of time and use throughout daily life,

The new replacement tooth will also be coloured and shaped to allow it to blend in with any other teeth surrounding it, making the new tooth look perfectly natural as well as feel like it has always been in the position it has been moved into.

While this is a description of using this treatment to replace a single tooth this treatment is versatile enough to replace multiple teeth, though the procedure may differ slightly. For details, patients should consult the dental professional directly involved in their care.

Once the patient’s implants are in place they will be able to use their mouth in a normal way within a short amount of time, they will no longer have to be concerned about eating tougher food and those who have missing teeth at the front of the mouth can start to smile once more.

Patients can get their missing teeth back with dental implants Windsor

Using dental implants Windsor may represent one of the best tooth loss solutions available in the dental markets of the United Kingdom, as it gives patients the chance to replace their missing teeth in a way that will feel completely natural.

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