My life is pretty hectic right now. Between my studies, my music and my freelance writing, I am busy all the time. That’s the way I like it. My motto is “Live your life to the fullest. Earn your living. Play your favorite music. And Never stop learning”.

If you ask me to choose my favorite among my three loves, I wouldn’t be able to choose. I love being a student because it broadens my mind. I adore music, because it is the language of the soul, and I love writing because it allows me to express myself.

Growing up, my parents were always very supportive and encouraging and made sure I had lots of opportunities. Outside of school, they let me learn to play an instrument, send me to art classes, organized parties for me and whenever I wanted to try something new, they were sure to facilitate my wishes. To them, it is crucial that each child gets the opportunity to find her/his passion and pursue it.

The only trouble is, in my case, I found three. Learning, music, and writing. When you find a passion, you have to follow your heart and see where it carries you. Your passions are much like a fingerprint, they tell you precisely who you are and what you ought to do.

My Day

Though each day is slightly different, most mornings I go to college to attend lectures. Subsequently, I go to the library or do some study online at home. When I’m satisfied with the work I have done, I get down to my freelance writing jobs. The assignments vary from day-to-day and certainly keep my mind stimulated. On completion, I either meet up with friends to have some dinner or go for a walk to clear my head. In the evenings, I usually meet up with my band for some drumming or singing. By the time I’m done, I literally fall into bed, delighted with all the stuff I have done on the day, and already looking forward to the morning, to do it all over again.

Life is pretty full-on, however, I’m thriving and very happy with my lot.


Having had weekly singing lessons from an early age, it was obvious I was going to join a band. In the end, I joined several. They all play different genres of music, which is awesome for me because I get to sing a wide variety of styles and songs. When I sing, I forget the world around me and lose myself in the tunes, and melodies. Music allows you to tell stories, words would couldn’t express. I never hold back, just let my passion flow and bring me wherever I need to go.

I used to sing solo, backed by a variety of musicians, however, now I enjoy the band camaraderie so much that I wouldn’t ever think of going solo again. Thanks to my large repertoire, I’m often asked to sing with different bands, sometimes to stand in for another lead singer.

The social life in the music scene is excellent as well and really, I feel so privileged to be able to pursue my music dream.


To make a financial contribution to my education, I started looking for work. Soon, I discovered I could offer freelance writing services. I got my first few assignments quite quickly and at this point, I specialize in content writing for a wide variety of companies.

Earning your own crust makes you feel good and I must say I possess a great work ethic. Beyond my desire to earn and make a living, I enjoy writing immensely and find the accompanying research highly educational.

This Website

I started this website to publicize myself as a singer and to promote my freelance writing services. Clients can easily contact me through this site and readers can simply enjoy all my blog posts.