Lifestyle Choice Up and Downs

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When it comes to lifestyle choices, there are an infinite number of decisions that you can make that lead to an equally infinite number of ups and downs. Good things and good decisions don’t always lead to good results, and the equivalent for bad things or bad decisions also presents itself. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t try your best to avoid things that you would prefer not to be a part of as an adult.

In order to do that, consider things like addiction struggles, spiritual lifestyles, whether or not you plan on raising a family, if your basic focus is going to be business or pleasure, and if you ultimately decide on outward or inward persuasions of effort.

Addiction Struggles

We all know someone who has fought with addiction at some point in their lives. We see the negative associations that can turn into bad behaviors, and then we can see the positive results that come out of beating the struggle in the end, and a life full of positive recovery. Your best bet is to avoid the things that can disrupt your basic health, but there’s no shame in finding some way to overcome this as well in the long term.

A Spiritual Life

Living a spiritual life can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s going to church every weekend. For some, they prefer to even try to be a professional, for instance, a priest or nun. Other people find that they are more interested in meditation, or even spiritual or religious experiences that are outside of social norms. If you choose a spiritual life, you can expect to be embraced by certain types of people and potentially even ridiculed by others. Just understand there are consequences for open spirituality.

Family Or Not

As you move from adolescence into adulthood, one way or the other you are going to decide to have a family or not. You are going to decide if helping to raise children is going to be a part of your timeline. Because we are out of a human state of a requirement for survival, it becomes more of a rational decision, but it is certainly one that stays with us for our entire lives.

Business Vs. Pleasure

Another major lifestyle decisions that can lead you to certain ups and downs includes the focus on either business or pleasure. It really is difficult to get a perfect balance between the two of them, so ultimately most people will lean toward one or the other. As long as you choose that intentionally, you should be fine.

Outward or Inward Persuasions

And finally, at different periods of your life, you will have either an either outward or inward persuasion. Essentially what this means is that you will either be focused more on going out and interacting with other people, or focused more on your own home and how your own mind works to form peace within itself.


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