How To Handle A Car Accident While On A Business Trip

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Car accident, in general, aren’t things that you want to be involved in. However, if you’re traveling for business purposes and aren’t driving your own vehicles, getting into an accident can cause you even more stress than in other situations. So to help you know what to do if you get into this predicament and still maintain your good standing at work, here are three tips that will help you know how to handle a car accident that takes place on a business trip or in a company vehicle.

Follow The Same Initial Steps As With Any Car Accident

As soon as you’re in the car accident, Linda Rey, a contributor to, shares that you’re going to want to go through the same initial steps that you would with any other car accident. First, ensure that everyone in your vehicle is safe. Next, check on the other vehicle to see if there’s the need to call an ambulance or get someone immediate medical attention. If everyone’s relatively fine, move your vehicles out of the flow of traffic so no other damage comes to passengers or your property. Following this, call the police to get a police report started and begin exchanging information with the other driver, if there was one.

Call Your Boss and Insurance Carrier

Once the basics of handling your car accident have been taken care of, it’s now time to call your employer. Whether you were injured or not and regardless of the amount of damage that has taken place with the vehicle, your employer is going to need to be informed of exactly what happened and what processed you’ve started addressing. By speaking to your boss, you’ll be able to know what steps you should start taking next to either finish your business or just get yourself back home.

Ensure You Were Following All Company Policies

To best protect yourself following a car accident that took place on a business trip or in a company car, Stephanie Goldberg, a contributor to, advises that you ensure you were following all company policies regarding travel for work. If many employees in your organization travel for work, there are likely specific travel policies in your employee handbook. Some of these might involve things like avoiding distracted driving and using mobile devices. If you were obeying all the policies laid out for you, you should feel safe with your employment and with your position within your company. But if you weren’t following the rules, you may find yourself in hot water at work.

If you ever get into a car accident while traveling to business or driving a work vehicle, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you know what steps to take during this stressful situation.

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