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Dental implants in Richmond allow patients to enjoy a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth, even when the patient in question has lost one or several of their natural teeth for any number of reasons.

In fact, it is very common for an individual to lose teeth, with data showing in the USA that around 10% of those surveyed aged 50 to 64 have no teeth at all, whilst younger participants aged 20 to 34 had lost on average 5 of their teeth.

With respect to this, wisdom teeth are often removed with no need for replacements, but it is commonly understood that as an individual ages, they become more susceptible to an illness, an accident or another complication that forces dental care professionals to make the decision to remove a tooth.

Teeth are designed to work together and when one of the set is missing, complications can arise. Such issues include the shifting and moving of remaining teeth, which is not only somewhat unsightly, but also leaves the individual more susceptible to lasting damage should they be in an accident or fall of some kind.

Other complications include difficulty in eating and speaking, as well as psychological impacts where a person may become hesitant to smile or speak for fear of how they look. This can all be reversed by replacing the teeth in a permanent way, so that patients no longer have to be aware of how they look when they smile or be restricted in what they eat.

How does it work?

This treatment works for a number of different cases and a dentist will be able to walk their patients through their individual case, so that they understand the benefits that they can personally enjoy.

However, in general, a tooth implant is effectively replacing the tooth root, with a crown, a bridge, or a whole set of dentures being placed on this implant at a later date once the site has healed.

This implant is made out of a small titanium rod, a special metal with properties that allow it to bind and fuse with natural bone. This means that should the minor surgical procedure be a success, which the majority of cases are, then the replacement tooth root becomes a permanent fixture in the mouth just as the natural tooth root once was.

In some cases, a crown can be placed onto the titanium rod immediately, but most dentists will require a period of several weeks to allow healing of the site and to ensure that the treatment was a success.

After this time, a permanent crown or bridge is made to be placed onto the rod to create a fully functional and extremely natural looking tooth for patients to use and enjoy.

Denture wearers can stabilise their dentures using this technique as well. A treatment plan aptly named ‘same day teeth’ allows for patients to have four implants strategically placed around their mouth and dentures to be clipped onto these for removal at their pleasure, all within the one visit. For those interested in this option, they should speak to their oral health care professional for more information.

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