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How technology has changed our lives is obvious when you consider that even the least hi-tech amongst us has embraced technology in some form. Imagine being able to see how your misaligned teeth will look after treatment before treatment even begins! Invisalign Chelsea can do this using an amazing array of software and hardware.

What makes Invisalign different

To understand Invisalign, it is probably necessary to explain why you would need this treatment. If you suffer from a malocclusion, misaligned teeth, your teeth are crooked or your top teeth protrude over your lower teeth this may be causing you problems. You may have gaps between your teeth or you may have a mouth with crowded teeth which are all irregular. For decades the only really successful appliance at a dentist’s disposal was a metal brace, which was not comfortable. Dental progress has changed all that and even the cumbersome metal brace has been overhauled and is now a more comfortable and efficient dental appliance. Additional braces have been developed, they include those that are self-adjusting, some using clear or enamel-coloured material and braces that fit on the insides of the teeth. These all now provide a dentist with a number of dental misalignment treatments. They all use similar technology, that of blocks, wires and bands. Then there is Invisalign which is referred to as an aligner tray. Invisalign does not use blocks, wires or bands, but looks more like a gum shield.

Invisalign, a technological breakthrough

Invisalign brings with it not just an amazing dental appliance, but a plethora of hardware and software that have improved the way malocclusions are treated. It is always necessary to have a thorough oral cavity examination before starting any dental treatment. Using Invisalign’s iTero scanner which produces 3D scans and 2D colour intraoral images, this clever piece of kit can capture as many as six thousand images per second. These images of their teeth will allow a patient to view the results of the treatment before the treatment even starts.

Reduces delays

Invisalign software allows for the digital images created to be speedily forwarded to the laboratory without the need for messy dental putty. Because everything is digitised it is more accurate, which contributes to the success of the Invisalign treatment.

Trays produced

Invisalign uses a series of trays which all have a slightly different orientation. The first tray is placed and checked to ensure that it fits correctly. A patient must wear each tray for up to twenty-two hours per day. The tray can be removed to allow for eating, brushing and flossing, ensuring that a proper dental regime is maintained. Each tray must be worn for about three weeks before the next tray. The treatment duration depends on the condition being treated and can take up to twenty-four months. Each tray gradually moves the teeth into the desired location.

Final aligner

Once the teeth are in the correct location, a final aligner needs to be worn to ensure that the teeth remain in the correct position. Once the dentist has given the all clear it is possible to remove the aligner and enjoy the new smile that has been revealed.

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