Five Things You Need To Be A Successful Freelance Writer

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Working for yourself can be really rewarding, and making your career something you do for fun can also make it feel like you never work a day in your life. For people that enjoy writing, the best step at gainful employment as a freelancer is to start writing, whether you do it part-time or full-time.

Not everyone has the ability to be a successful writer, it takes talent and practice. You need to want to continually be learning and researching. And you need to continually be looking for the next paycheck because gigs will come and go. To start off with, you need the following things.

A Laptop

If you plan to be a writer you need to have a laptop. You might work from home most of the time and use a desktop computer, but as a freelancer, you may find that you are working often when you’re not at home, so a laptop is a must. You can use it for writing, sending emails, making conference calls, applying for gigs, and so much more. It is a very important tool in any freelancer’s life.

A Website/Portfolio

Make sure you set up a website for your business so that people can easily find you and look into your skills. In order to get gigs as a writer, you need to be able to show what you’ve written. Your website is your portfolio where you can do exactly that, show people what you have to offer as a writer.

This is where they will find samples of your writing that will help them determine if you’re the right person for the job. You won’t get every gig you apply to, so when you do get one it’s important to keep some of your best work to share on your portfolio.

A Tailored Resume

For someone that is specifically looking for work as a writer, you aren’t going to want to use your generic resume to find work. People that will hire you as their new ghostwriter or technical writer aren’t going to care if you worked in retail or had a job at a factory. Only share your writing work or training experience.

Skills Or Training

It’s also useful to have some kind of training, especially if you’re just getting started out. Many writing jobs, especially the better-paying ones, look for people that have a degree in journalism, but it isn’t always a must. Get some work under your belt and your time in the field will count as well.

You could simply take some creative writing classes, online or off. Or take a course in using Word, or other fields that you may come into contact with as a freelance writer.

The Right “Manuals”

Have the right books on hand to research as well. There are different types of writing styles, like AP and Chicago. Know them, since different jobs will want you to use different styles. It also helps to have a general book on grammar to look to every once in awhile.

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