Drug Addiction And Business: Tips For Starting A Rehabilitation Facility

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Choosing to embark upon the journey of starting a new treatment center is one business adventure that offers up the possibility of financial gain, along with the chance to help people.  The industry of drug treatment can be a two-edged sword for business entrepreneurs as the stakes are considerably higher than a typical startup.  

There is an overwhelming human element to the business of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  A mistake in this business can mean the difference between life and death for some clients.  Take a moment to look over a few general startup tips that may help entrepreneurs planning on starting a rehabilitation facility.

The importance of profit in the industry

If the profit is a driving force for an individual to open up a new treatment center, then the project is already doomed.  Rehabilitation cannot be about money.  Addiction is a mental health issue at its root, but it is first a physical complication.

The well-being of the client should always be the first concern in treatment.  Though the patient is first priority, there is plenty of room for profit in the industry.

Licensure and legal stuff

The requirements for licensure vary from state to state.  The first step to launching the process of opening up a treatment facility is to thoroughly research the state’s business, safety, and personnel requirements to run the organization legally.

Staffing requirements are also a main concern at this point in the journey.  The minimum staff will include a licensed therapist, a psychiatrist, a few nurses, and enough certified staff to meet the necessary staff-to-client ratio.

Research the demographic

The chosen location for the facility is extremely important to the type of treatment the facility should offer.  Depending on the location, there will always be a handful of addictions that are rampant in the area.  Research what programs have been most effective in the past.

There is a strong correlation between affluent, white, males and the use of cocaine.  There is a strong correlation between poor, black, males and alcohol use.  Research the area prior to formulating a solid business plan, and decide what the center should specialize in treating.

Do not underestimate the importance of policies

Drug treatment centers are very organized and controlled environments.  Due to the nature of the business, they have to be very clear in their expectations of clients.  Too often, facilities fail to create enough policies to adequately provide safe and clear parameters for patients.

Marketing is a delicate task to conquer

Due to legal limitations, marketing for a drug and alcohol treatment center can be a challenging task to conquer.  It helps to build a solid network of medical, legal, and criminal justice professionals who can help generate a patient base upon recommendation.

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