Dental Implants Brentwood may be a great tooth loss solution  

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Losing teeth is always a traumatic experience that no adult wishes to have to go through, whether it be losing several teeth or a single tooth. The impact of this type of loss on a person’s mouth can lead them to have to make slight changes to the way they used their mouth and teeth, as they may wish to avoid eating tougher foods such as steak and nuts due to them being hard to bite and chew with a gum covered jawbone.

Where a person has lost teeth at the front of the mouth, they may decide to avoid exposing the loss via smiling, as this may help them to stay away from any embarrassment they might feel. This can lead to someone appearing stern, unfriendly, and unapproachable to others, when the opposite may be true.

Many people who have experienced tooth loss go on to investigate the different ways they can replace their lost teeth, this will often bring them in contact with devices such as bridges or dentures which can be used in cases of extreme tooth loss. However, there are some people who find these devices unsatisfactory, as they are looking for a way to emulate the teeth they have lost by having them be fixed-in-place.

Dental implants Brentwood can offer patients a tooth loss solution that feels natural and gives them a permanent fixed-in-place replacement for any teeth they have lost. Once in place, the patient will be able to use their teeth in a perfectly normal way, eating the foods they want to eat and smiling as much as they wish.

What is involved

Dental implants are replacement teeth that are inserted into the patient’s jawbone and are strong enough to withstand the rigours and hazards that teeth are exposed to throughout daily life and use.

First, a screw made from titanium is inserted into the patient’s jaw with the head of the screw protruding above the gum, this creates a strong base for the patient’s new tooth to be attached to and to be firmly held in place. The new tooth is created from a strong ceramic material which makes it extremely hard-wearing and is attached to the head of the screw.

The patient’s new tooth will be shaped and coloured in a way that will allow it to blend in with any other teeth surrounding it, giving the patient a natural look to their new tooth or teeth.

The procedure described is for a single tooth replacement, this treatment can be used to replace multiple teeth but patients would need to consult with their own dental professionals to gain more information and to ensure the treatment can be tailored to meet their needs.

Following treatment

Following treatment patients will find that they can use their new teeth in a perfectly normal way within a short time, this means they can start to eat those tougher foods and certainly they can start to show they can smile once more.

For any patient looking for a tooth replacement solution that offers a fixed-in-place solution that can be relied on then implants may give the natural feeling results they are seeking.

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