Curious about trying Invisalign in Sydney? Five FAQs about this brace answered

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The days of attending a dental check-up twice a year are long gone.

Today, dentistry has become something quite different in many people’s eyes. With cosmetic dental procedures becoming more commonplace in regular dental practices and of course, with these procedures becoming more affordable, more people than ever are going to their dentist to give their teeth and their smiles a makeover.

But if you are one of the many people in Australia whose teeth need a bit of rearranging to make them straighter, cosmetic dentistry can seem like a bit of an intimidating area. After all, you know the only way to get straighter teeth is with a brace and you have never heard of a cosmetic brace!

Luckily, such a brace does exist and is designed primarily for use in adults. When you have the world famous Invisalign in Sydney CBD, you will be astounded at its discretion and effectiveness.

In this article, the most frequently asked questions about this invisible aligner are answered, so you can learn a bit more about this famous invisible aligner!

How does it work?

Invisible braces, as the name suggests, are made from a clear but durable plastic, which is custom fitted to your teeth using 3D scans. Depending on the misalignment of your teeth, you may have more or less aligners for the treatment.

Rather than using metal wire, the aligners use a system of gently opposing coils to push teeth into their new positions.

How long will I need the aligner for?

If you have a mild misalignment, then you may be able to complete treatment with Invisalign in Sydney CBD in 6 months, wearing the aligner for 22 hours a day.The average treatment time for this brace is 12 months, but in reality the only person who can suggest the duration of treatment is your dentist.

Is it expensive?

Many dental surgeries that offer invisible aligners offer their patients dental plans or finance options to pay for the treatment.

This allows the means to break the overall cost down into monthly chunks, making the price of your new smile easier to handle.

My teeth are pretty crooked – can it really straighten them?

As this brace has evolved, so has its ability to correct more complicated cases of misalignment.

Generally, invisible aligners are great at correcting issues like overcrowding, spacing between teeth, protrusions and misalignments. If you have an issue involving an over, under or crossbite, then it is unlikely that an invisible brace will be able to correct that issue.

Be aware though that the only person who can decide if you are suitable for treatment with invisible aligners is your dentist.

What happens when the treatment is over?

Once you have had treatment with any kind of brace, it is worth noting that your teeth are not permanently fixed in their new positions yet and without correct support, all of that work can be undone.

Your dentist will create a custom-made retainer for you to wear until your teeth stabilise.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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