captcha is the online platform for my writing services as well as my music career. You can contact me in relation to both by filling in the convenient contact form below.

    As you may have gathered, I am quite busy but I am continually looking for new opportunities to collaborate with others and offer my services. Through this website, many people have been in touch to find out about my work and you can do so too.

    To give you a brief introduction, let me tell you about my work.

    Freelance Writing

    The number of freelancers keeps on growing with the ever expanding demand for quality writing. I have specialized in crafting top-quality content and am very versed at writing thought-provoking blog posts and articles. My work is always error free and delivered within set deadlines, at highly competitive rates. I would never submit substandard work.

    Research is of utmost importance and before I ever begin writing a piece, I spend quite a lot of time looking up various resources to make sure I understand the topic and possess sufficient knowledge. I have no difficulty with my work undergoing a thorough editing process and taking guidance from a more senior writer. To me, writing is a continuous, highly enjoyable learning process.

    To date, I have written the following: web content, articles, product descriptions, product reviews, promotional material, slogans, and academic papers.

    Please let me know your requirements and I will gladly write for you.

    Music – Singing and Drumming

    Currently, I am a member of several bands playing all different types of music. My background is in singing, however, at this point, I am proud to say that I am a pretty good drummer too. Apart from regular gigs with all my different bands, I often fill in for other singers or perform as a backing vocalist.

    If you and your band are looking for a singer or drummer, be sure to tell me. My schedule is quite flexible and I haven’t turned down any opportunity as of yet.

    My Website – Your Promotional Platform

    While I obviously like to promote my own services on this website, I also like to support other writers and musicians. If you would like to showcase your own writing or music, please let me know and we will find a way of collaborating.

    I also like to promote music events on my website. Please send me all your details, and I will publicize your event on this website.

    Product and Event Reviews

    If you would like me to review your products or services, please get in touch. I’ve supported many individuals and businesses that way.

    I also love attending and subsequently reviewing music events. The review can be published in a location of your choice or on this website here.

    Social Media Marketing

    In the course of furthering my music career and promoting my writing services, I have learned a lot about social media marketing. Businesses, as well as musicians and bands, can greatly expand their reach with social media marketing, and I am happy to offer you my services in this area.

    Contact Details

    If you would like to avail of my writing services or have me join your band or choir, please get in touch. You may fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

    You can also contact me if you would just like to discuss a career in music or writing or indeed talk about life at college. I love receiving all types of inquiries and look forward to receiving yours.