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Sew up a seamless transition into the fashion world

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A smart approach to business can help talented graduates make the cut in the rag trade, writes Sorcha Corcoran

Meet the model ambassador who sells British fashion to style-conscious Italians

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Renowned around the world for their formal, buttoned-down style, Britain’s ambassadors are moving from pinstripe to glamour thanks to the fashion sense of the Foreign Office’s new envoy to Italy.

The Not So Attractive Side Of The Fashion Industry

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Thousands of young women idolize models in the fashion industry.  There are television shows to showcase their fabulous lifestyles, and magazines on every shelf, displaying a posh existence.  What more could a young woman

The Top Rugged Smartphones For Business In 2018

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For the world’s more rugged and physically demanding business professionals, it is necessary to have a smartphone that can keep up with the responsibilities of your job.  When environmental hazards are a daily threat