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Electronic oyster leads police to poachers

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Oyster growers in France have a new weapon in their battle with thieves who steal tonnes of their produce every Christmas season: electronic beacons disguised as oysters that alert gendarmes if they are moved

Sony suffers from movie horror show

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Sony blamed the rise of online streaming for a $1 billion writedown at its Hollywood film studio, which forced it to halve its profit forecast for the financial year.

Jobs lost at RBS and electronics firm

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Hundreds of workers are to lose their jobs with the scaling-back of an electronics plant and the closure of dozens of bank branches.

Scientists sniff out a winner with electronic dog’s nose

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The advantage in having a dog as a bomb-detection tool is that it is very, very good at sniffing out explosives.

5 Aspects Of A Great Business Website Design

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Your business may already have a functioning business website, but there’s always something more you can do to improve your organization’s online efficiency.  Your business website may be lacking the level of digital traffic

3 Tips for Protecting Your Business Data When Stored Online

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Modern businesses require a lot of data in order to function properly. Thankfully, advances in technology have made it easy for businesses to collect and store data online. While this can be a blessing