Business Website Design Tips: Reach Your Full Digital Potential Online

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Building a business website takes effort.  Simply filling in a few boxes on a prefabricated website template won’t draw in the traffic your business needs to succeed online.  Your business website needs more “meat” to its design to compete with the thousands of other sites available to web users.

You may get by with using a template as a framing guideline for your design, but there are other design concepts which are vital to your overall success.  Here is a brief overview, highlighting some ways your business website can reach its full digital potential online.

Blogging extends your reach online

Every successful business website has a subsequent business blog attached to its design.  Building a competent and engaging collection of blog posts on your website gives visitors a reason to spend more time searching through the pages of information you create.  

A business blog also presents extra opportunities to plug social media sharing icons and get your content spread to a wider audience.  Check out this gaming website’s blog posts and how the designers incorporated all the most popular social media icons for visitors to utilize.  

With the quick click of a button, your business receives a free piece of marketing when you add sharing icons.  

Social media is an explosive tool

In addition to the use of social media sharing icons throughout your business website’s design, it’s important to maintain several different business profiles on those platforms.  

Provide links to your social media pages within your website’s design to offer visitors an extended digital engagement with your organization.  

Communication is critical to your design

Always encourage communication through your website design.  You want to hear what visitors have to say about your products, services, and the efficiency of your online operation.  From the feedback you receive, you can enhance your digital strategy to better serve the needs of your target audience.  

In addition to the standard “Contact Us” page, your business website should present other opportunities for connection and communication.  Add a contact number to your homepage or a simplified contact form for users to quickly request more info.

Learn to incorporate the concepts of SEO

Your business website isn’t fully optimized without incorporating the concepts of search engine optimization.  With SEO, you can learn to create more impactful content that ranks higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  The higher your content ranks in the SERPs, the more traffic you will see come through.  

Optimize everything for mobile users

Mobile users are the heart of today’s web traffic, so it simply doesn’t make sense to ignore the influx of mobile traffic.  Make sure your business website is designed to satisfy the needs of mobile users, and don’t sell yourself short.

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