Best Paid Jobs For College Students

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They say you can’t work your way through college anymore because the figures no longer add up. Between tuition fees, day-to-day expenses and a bit of spare cash, even students in receipt of grants can no longer work their way through college. Parents end up footing the bill, gladly, I’m quite sure, however, it’s still a great idea to get yourself a job and earn some money. It makes you feel good, it’s your job, your money, your life experience.

Traditionally, students work at bars, diners, shops or hotels, but nowadays there are a plethora of programs run by colleges and employers. Students can do internships, enroll in work-study programs or find employment with college-business partnership firms. Pay rates vary considerably but where can you find well-paid work?

Let’s take a look at some of the top earning opportunities:

Freelance Writing: If you have good writing skills and the ability to handle deadlines, you may look for freelance writing jobs. There are a variety of agencies advertising writing assignments on a daily basis and this can provide you with great opportunities. The competition among writers can be quite fierce and you will need to work hard and produce great writing to land lucrative jobs. Some students also land writing jobs directly with companies requiring content and that is undoubtedly more profitable than working through an agency.

Library Circulation Clerk: There may be not many openings in this area, however, if you manage to land a job at your college library, you can expect to earn quite a lot of money. You will require good customer skills, as you will be dealing with library visitors and helping them with their inquiries.

Guest Service Agents: Companies in most industries hire guest service agents to provide customer care, assist with administrative duties and work on the shop floor. Pay rates are quite good and opportunities aplenty.

Hotel Night Staff: You may work as a night receptionist at a hotel, assist with bookings and answer customer queries throughout the night. You can expect to earn up to $29 per hour.

Online Researcher: Companies hire students to do online research for them. They will provide you with a research topic and expect you to produce the information as well as some analysis. You will require excellent research and verbal skills for this job.

Social Media Assistant: There are a lot of social media assistant jobs out there. You will be looking after a company social media account, do some postings and online marketing. If you spend a lot of time on social media and are familiar with all the different marketing tools, this might be a great option for you.

Fundraising: Nonprofits hire students to organize fundraising drives. You will need excellent interpersonal skills but if you land a job in this area, you can potentially earn quite a lot.

There are lots of other options but the above-listed jobs are among the best-paid positions. It’s definitely worth checking out the employment programs on offer through your college. Most importantly, try and find a job that may allow you to get experience in the sector you plan to work in after college. Don’t sell yourself short and take the first job you are offered. Make sure you can work around your college timetable rather than end up missing lectures or falling behind with your work.

Whatever opportunity you take, working part-time while at college is advisable. Not only will you have extra money, but you’ll also have a strong sense of independence and self-worth as long as your college work doesn’t begin to suffer.

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