Automation and the Future: Where Will It Lead Us?

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No matter what, the future is going to be interesting. And, despite anyone thinking otherwise, it will be impossible to predict. Some people can put forward a few good guesses, but as technology progresses and new aspects of the universe are discovered, no one really knows what the future holds. One thing that is for sure though is that automation will be a big part of it.

There are big-ticket items that will be automated. We are already seeing a consumer level cars that have automation built in. The work that factory employees would generally do is being taken over slowly. And artificial intelligence and automation are even starting to work their way into art and design.

Big-Ticket Items

When it comes to big-ticket items and automation, there are a few interesting examples to look at. For example, in the future, aspects of yachts will be automated. And, lots of equipment in the military is being automated to a degree. For example, sensors that detect movement are automated so that defensive military equipment can be used more quickly and efficiently than if a human was involved in the process.

Consumer Cars

And we’re all excited about self-driving cars. Even as the technology progresses, experimental vehicles are becoming safer, less expensive, and more user-friendly. In the next few years, the automation that is available concerning steering, braking, and proximity sensation is going to be at a fantastic level. Sooner than later, the streets and highways will be populated with a combination of intelligent drivers and intelligent automation.

Factory Workers

Even though there’s a pushback against it, automating factory work can be a huge benefit to communities, the economy, and society as a whole. Especially when it comes to dangerous jobs, automated machinery can take away a lot of the risk that has created so many injuries and deaths in the past. The point will be to train workers to do jobs that can’t be done by robots or other automated equipment in the future.

Artificial Intelligence Art and Design

On the creative side of things, artificial intelligence automation has made huge headways into art and design. With the right kind of programming, automated processes can come up with some brilliant artwork based on math and human preference, and can design structures that human beings would have difficulty coming up with on their own. The artificial intelligence industry is starting to poke in all different realms, from the creative ones all the way through professional things like medicine and engineering. It will be quite fascinating to follow the news about artificial intelligence as it becomes a broader part of everyday life.

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