When I received the first request for advertising space, I was amazed. Then again, I guess, when you pass the 10’000 reader threshold, advertisers take note.

    The first ad I published was linked to a product review I had written. To the business, it made complete sense to place an ad alongside the review. The second ad featured a local concert venue, and the third, my vocal coach. At that point I reckoned, small local businesses would gain from advertising on my site.

    As the number of my readers grew, I started noticing that many of them lived in far-off places. So did big corporations and companies across the world. Soon, my advertisers also stemmed from a large variety of countries and were keen to work with me. I hadn’t even really promoted my website as an advertising opportunity at that point and still, advertising revenue kept on flowing in.

    I put this success down to my faithful readers, now 19’000 of them each month. All of them are either interested in writing, music, student lifestyle features or general life stuff. There are few businesses that would not meet their target group on my prominent website.

    My Advertising Packages

    After initially just providing advertising space without putting much thought into it, I decided to check out the advertising packages that are available elsewhere. With the help of a friend working in marketing, we created a number of different options for advertisers to choose from. My focus lies on providing solid advertising space at competitive rates to maximize our advertiser’s gains. Advertisers decide upon the duration of the campaign and the design of the ad.

    Advertisers can either come to me with an ad, ready for publication, and just decide on the location and duration or they may leave all those aspects to me to determine. I usually veer toward longer campaigns, simply because extended visibility works best.

    Compared to print media, radio or TV advertising, online advertising is far better value and has a far greater reach. Your ad will be spotted by people from all over the world, and open entirely new markets for you.

    I have promoted my writing services online and have found it to be extremely effective. A well designed, visually attractive and informative ad can reap enormous rewards. I’ve got clients from all across the world, simply by publishing strong ads.

    My Readers

    My 19’000 unique monthly readers are mostly among the under 35’s, a lot of them are students, musicians or freelancers. They may not visit my site seeking a specific service or product, however, they are all interested in music, lifestyle services and products and in the leisure industry. Many of my readers also seek freelancing advice, while others frequent my site for their love of music.

    What Your Business Gains

    When you advertise on my site, you can enjoy the following benefits:

    • 19’000 Enthusiastic Young People Ready to Take on the World: If you provide any kind of product or service for young people, your ad will do well.
    • Solid Website Data Analysis: When your ad goes live, we start monitoring its performance and our software will tell us all the relevant data. If your ad is underperforming, we change it at once.
    • Stunning Ads Well Placed: We design evocative ads and place them in prominent positions. Our website is never overburdened with ads because we want to avoid ad fatigue.

    Contact Details

    To find out more, please get in touch below, we will send you an information package and discuss the best way to proceed.