4 Tips For Effectively Managing Staff

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Your job as a manager isn’t always an easy task. While toward the start of your career you were probably only in charge of handling your own work, now it’s up to you to make the moves, lead and inspire your team to achieve great things for the good of the business.

Being the boss sounded so great at first, but you’ve probably learned by now that it isn’t always fun and games!

Not every person will be easy to work with and guaranteeing everything is running the way that it should and can often test your patience.

So how might you approach being a great manager who gets the job done while still keeping a good relationship with their staff? Here are some of the best tips for being a great manager for your team.

Be Respectful

Building a positive working relationship with your team is essential.  That means treating everyone as equally valuable human beings. Exhibiting nepotism, favoritism, or discrimination against employees won’t just create a divide between you, but you’re likely to lose your job.

Your compatibility with the group will have a direct impact on the quality of the work that they deliver.  It’s possible to give instruction and feedback without being demanding and disrespectful.

Acknowledge Good Work

Try not to be one of these managers who only gives input when you have something to critique! By giving your staff positive points in their work, it will urge and inspire them to keep up the good work.  It’s imperative that you recognize their accomplishments and the consistency that they are putting in. Support from management increases your chances of everyone delivering the work that’s expected of them.

Be Decisive

A solid leader should have the capacity to declare what needs to be done quickly.  It’s your job to make choices for the group that are based on logic and the best interest of the company. There is no time for messing around in a management position, so it’s crucial that you go with your gut and do what needs to be done.

Handle Conflicts Effectively

When there are conflicts flaring up in your work environment, it should never be overlooked.  Turning a blind eye to people fighting and getting distracted from their duties will only make things worse. Call a meeting and settle the dispute once and for all so that instead of conflict, the group is focused on efficiency and communication.  

Workplace drama can be like a disease.  One person can easily transfer the negative energy down the line.  Therefore, whenever a staff issue emerges, it’s vital that you act immediately before it starts to trickle down and create a bad working environment for everyone.  


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