4 Selling Points That Will Bring In More Customers

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When it comes to pulling customers in, there is an art to how to go about reeling them in.  It is important to use language which is attractive and convinces them that you are the right person or product for the job.

It’s no secret that there is an actual science that goes into making your product appeal to the masses.  Marketing is a powerful tool that when used properly using the right terminology, can harness your full sales potential with just a few simple words.  When pitching your products, here are some of the best selling points that you can incorporate into your pitch.


People love to know that whatever they are being offered can offer them the best possible price.  This means that by going with you that they are going to save more money that by going with the competition which could cost them much more down the road.  Offering a product which promises cost-reduction is going to be a huge selling point above all else.

Don’t be afraid to put this selling point in bold letters above all else on your marketing material.  After all, money makes the world go around, so if you can promise people more of it in their pockets, they will be a customer for life.


Telling your potential customers that you are a reliable source for whatever you are selling means that you aren’t going to be an off again on again quality source.  You are here to stay and will have a solid product which promises to deliver.

Since marketing is deeply integrated with psychology, it is no wonder that a customer would want a product which they can rely on, much like a human relationship.  Promise them that they will always be able to count on you and this will appeal to their minds.


You need to be able to explain to your customer why you are special from the rest of the pack.  Why does your service promise better things than the competition?  The answer is simple.  Because you are unique!

Make sure that you highlight how and why you stand out from the others in your line of work.  Once you can do that, then half of the battle will already have been won.  After all, what more could you offer than something that no one could possibly find anywhere else but with you?


When you promise services or products which are unbeatable you are telling your customers that not only is what you offer unique but it exceeds the quality of anyone or anything else.  Make sure that you reflect this same selling point into your prices as well.

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