3 Types of Power Necessary for a Successful Business

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In the world of business, there is a lot of give and take, ups and downs, dos and don’ts, and ins and outs that have to be expertly measured and navigated through on a daily basis. If you lack the power to make it through, the consequences could involve anything spanning from a small loss of income to a complete loss of your job.

Many people think of power as an attribute of an arrogant, self-centered CEO. However, the better definition of power, in the business arena, is the fuel that helps you escape the slavery of the atmosphere of normalcy. Below are three types of power you absolutely must have if you intend to run a successful company.


Ok. As this is the beginning of a new year, there are many of you that think we are going to address the situation of health in this category, but the fact is even someone in deteriorating health can run a successful business. With that said, the better you are to your body, the easier it will be to have and maintain the other forms of power spoken of below.

For this section, however, we are going to address the source of a company’s electrical power. In this new year of 2018, you will probably not find a business of any type that can operate without electricity. Even the schools will close and send children home early if the electricity goes out. There are many cases where substitutions could be made.

For example, some stores will simply switch to using battery-powered calculators to keep up with sales. Be that as it may, without a backup source of power, most places of employment will shut down. This causes a loss of sales for the company and usually a loss of pay for the employed. If you will invest the time and money to install a generator, power outages will be a minor inconvenience instead of a major source of financial loss.


Have you ever been part of a sports team where there were one or two people that refused to pull their own weight? Let’s say you were playing football. As the quarterback, you have the responsibility to call the plays and make sure they are implemented properly.

You set up in shotgun formation and have plans to throw a hail mary pass to whoever manages to get open. However, from the moment you receive the pitch from your center, you notice that your blockers just allowed the linebackers through and you are immediately running for your life.

For the sake of the argument, let’s say your blockers weren’t mad at you, they simply didn’t understand the play and instead of asking for clarity, the decided to fake it. Their lack of mental power probably just cost you the game.

Behind the desk of any business owner should be a man/woman with comprehensive knowledge of the company they run, the workers they employ, and the motivation to gain any knowledge they may lack. If you are mentally lazy, you may suffer a problem bigger than an electricity outage.


Many people confuse their mental strength with emotional health. Think of it this way. Mental power can be measured by what we know and how motivated we are to gain knowledge. Our emotional power stems from the image of ourselves that we maintain while we are on our journey.

If you are a victim of low self-esteem and you are attempting to run a company, there are quite a few pitfalls you could lose yourself in along the way. Someone who doesn’t value themselves as highly as they ought to will have trouble maintaining enough confidence to make hard decisions on risky ventures.

They may miss out on a possible big gain or overestimate a risk most would consider unreasonable. There are many small things you can do every day, in the office or at home and about, that can help you reach a level of emotional power that will help you run your business better. Keep a journal of things you are grateful for each day.

Satisfy your sweet tooth and give your happy hormones a boost at the same time with a little dark chocolate. You could also and should show your loved ones how much you care every day.

Running your own company can be exhausting in more ways than one. Keep your power supplies out of the red and keep more of the green in your pocket.

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