3 Tips For Maintaining A Safe Work Space

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If you’re a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your work space safe for the sake of both your employees and your clients or customers. However, in the midst of trying to keep your small business up and running, it can be hard to find the time to figure out what parts of your physical building need to be maintained or upgraded let alone finding the time to do these tasks. So to help business owners who feel overwhelmed with the work space they have to deal with, here are three tips for maintaining a safe work space at all times.

Understand The Hazards of Your Environment

Different businesses and business locations are going to have different issues with regards to health and safety in the workplace. But before you can tackle the actual maintenance, you have to recognize and understand the hazards you’re working with for your particular business. SafetyWorksMaine.gov recommends businesses first identify and control their hazards by doing things like reviewing old records of accidents or injuries on your property, surveying the employees to see what they’ve noticed needs to be taken care of, and checking with OSHA regulations to ensure you’re not breaking any rules without your knowledge. By doing these three things, you should get a pretty good idea regarding what you should focus on for your building maintenance.

Keep The Floors Clear

One place that all businesses have to be concerned about with regards to safety is the flooring of your property. Whether your property is large or small, indoor or outdoor, you’re going to have people walking on it from time to time, and those people need to be safe. SafeWorks SA suggests that all businesses regularly check and maintain their floors by keeping trip and fall hazards clear of walking areas, removing cables that are resting on the floor, and fixing any flooring that may be broken, like cracked tiles or fraying carpeting. The dangers you could open yourself up to both physically and legally through having dangerous walkways could be disastrous for your business, so make sure you take the care of your floor seriously.

Periodically Inspect Plumbing

 Another safety concern that often slips the mind of business owners is the plumbing of your building. If something goes wrong with the plumbing, not only could the integrity of your location be sacrificed, but you could lose product, inventory, and business as well. To keep your plumbing in the best shape, the Department of Health suggests regularly checking things like inspection openings, trap water seals, and disconnector traps. You should also consider getting your pipes flushed occasionally to keep everything running smoothly.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your business’s location, use the tips mentioned above to ensure your company property will always function the way you need it to.

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