3 Things You Can Do To Find More Joy In Your Morning Commute

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Unless you work from home, you’ve likely got to make some type of commute to get to work each day. For those who work so close to home that you can leave your house just minutes before your work day is supposed to start, you might not really care about maximizing the time you spend on your commute. But for those people who spend a big chunk of their day getting from home to work and back, that time can feel like a big waste. So to help you make the most of these minutes or hours, here are three things you can do to find more joy in your commute each day.

Listen To Something Productive

Whether you’re driving yourself to work or riding as a passenger in some other form of transportation, anyone can use the time they have sitting there as a way to learn something that will help make them more productive or fulfilled in their life. According to Mary Ellen Slayter, a contributor to Monster.com, it might be a good idea for you to download an audiobook or podcast that you can listen to anywhere. Depending on your interests or what are of your life you’re hoping to improve upon, you can find hundreds or even thousands of downloads available to help you learn and grow intellectually without having to invest any additional time from your day.

Find A New Form Of Transportation

For those who feel like their commute is just a waste of the precious little time they have during their day for things they enjoy, you might want to consider if finding a new form of transportation would make you happier or healthier. According to Talia Cuddeback, a contributor to the Huffington Post, people who bike to work are happier than those who ride in a car, either as the passenger or as the driver. If you have the option to bike to work, or take some other forms of transportation that’s also physical beneficial, like a scooter, skateboard or longboard, you might want to consider trying this as well.

Work On Your Relationships

The time you spend on your commute to work could be used to further your relationships with others, either personally or professionally. According to Lauren Gelman, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, you can improve your social productivity immensely in the time you spend to get to work. If you have people that you want to connect with on various social media platforms, now is the perfect time to do it. Additionally, if you’ve been meaning to call a family member or friend, you can use this time for these conversations as well. By doing this, you’ll feel more balanced in your personal and professional life.

To make better use of the time you have and find some enjoyment in your commute, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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