3 Reasons To Keep Drinking To A Minimum The Night Before Work

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Many people have had the experience where they party a little too hard on a night before they have to work in the morning. This can leave you having to function with a hangover, which can make even the most normal of tasks seem painful or otherwise unpleasant. But if you’re able to pull yourself together and make it to work on time, are you really going to be that effective during the day? Could coming to work hungover mean taking the risk of losing your job due to poor performance? In all reality, it very well could. So to show you why you should limit the amount of alcohol you’re drinking before you work, here are three reasons to keep drinking to a minimum before a workday.

Your Brain Moves Slower

Aside from the physical pain that you experience as part of a hangover, you also have to power through some mental hardships as well. According to Samantha Olson, a contributor to MedicalDaily.com, being hungover makes your brain move a lot slower. It’s slower to recall information, to retain information, and to process information. So if you have a job where you’re required to be quick on your feet when making decisions, a hangover could cause you to make some detrimental mistakes. This in conjunction with the other bodily pain you’re feeling could leave you being completely worthless at work while you try to get your body back to normal.

Negative Effect On Your Mood

If you’re anything other than the sole proprietor of your own business, you probably have to work with people throughout the day at your job. Whether it’s your coworkers or customers, it’s generally expected that you treat those you’re communicating with kindness and respect. However, the physical effects of a hangover can make this very difficult to accomplish. Richard Gray, a contributor to The Telegraph, shares that being hungover can have a big impact on your mood and the way that affects your interpersonal interactions. Knowing this, and for the sake of your job, you should try to avoid coming into work hungover if have a hard time playing well with others even when you’re sober.

Increases Stress Levels

According to Kevin Loria, a contributor to BusinessInsider.com, being hungover, and drinking in general, can cause the stress levels in your body to spike considerably. Add to this the normal amount of stress people feel at work and you’re bound to have an absolutely rotten day if you come to work hungover. Not only could this affect that specific day, but it could cause you even more stress to be felt in the coming days as well. So for your own mental health, make sure you keep your drinking under control if you have to work the next day.

If you’ve ever wondered about how a hangover could affect your professional performance, use the information presented above to help you make wiser decisions in the future.

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