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Career Opportunities In Addiction Recovery

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There are a wide variety of opportunities for those who have the heart and ambition to go into the field of addiction recovery.  The road to working in a recovery treatment center may seem

Balancing Life And Work As A Freelancer

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For those of you that have been freelancing for a good deal of time, you know how difficult getting the right balance between work and life can be. In fact, until you get that

Lifestyle Choice Up and Downs

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When it comes to lifestyle choices, there are an infinite number of decisions that you can make that lead to an equally infinite number of ups and downs. Good things and good decisions don’t

3 Skills To Have To Become A Successful CPA

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Becoming a CPA can be tough, challenging work. From the years of study and training to the tests and then working with clients in the field, being a CPA can be a seemingly never-ending

How To Know You’ve Moved Into a Luxury Lifestyle

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It can be hard to to trying to improve the quality of your life. With the same job, making the same amount of money, doing the same things, it can be really difficult to

What’s a student loan?

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Lucy Bannerman meets the international rich kids who are keeping Britain’s universities afloat