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Body and soul

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In his twenties, James Duigan slept on night buses. Now he has created a cool new gym that goes beyond the physical

Drug Addiction And Business: Tips For Starting A Rehabilitation Facility

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Choosing to embark upon the journey of starting a new treatment center is one business adventure that offers up the possibility of financial gain, along with the chance to help people.  The industry of

3 Tips for Losing Weight While Sitting At A Desk During Your Work Day

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If you sit at a desk all day during your work hours, it’s easy to feel like there isn’t a good way to bring some health and fitness into your work routines. However, just

3 Reasons To Keep Drinking To A Minimum The Night Before Work

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Many people have had the experience where they party a little too hard on a night before they have to work in the morning. This can leave you having to function with a hangover,

Tips For Leading A More Balanced Lifestyle

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Balance is a critical component to all things in life.  Too much of a good thing can be just as detrimental to a person’s existence as too much of a bad thing.  There is

Connecting Clients and Markets in the Health and Wellness Industries

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The health and wellness industries are absolute giants. Billions and billions of dollars go and out of various parts of it, and billions of people are affected by decisions on every tier of management,