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Laptops are write pain for authors

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IT HAS replaced the humble notepad as the author’s tool of choice, but prolific writers hunched over laptops are beginning to suffer for their art.

Flight ban on laptops after new bomb fears

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Millions told to check in computers and tablets

Man shot computer when ctrl alt del wouldn’t work

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The battle between man and machine had raged for several months before Lucas Hinch decided that enough was enough. In an alleyway of Colorado Springs, a little before sunset, Mr Hinch shot his Dell

Edward Roberts: personal computer pioneer

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In the mid-1970s computers were still vast intimidating machines found mainly in university laboratories. It was an esoteric world, tended by white-coated boffins translating paper streams of mathematical data loudly spewing out.

3 Tips for Protecting Your Business Data When Stored Online

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Modern businesses require a lot of data in order to function properly. Thankfully, advances in technology have made it easy for businesses to collect and store data online. While this can be a blessing