4 Hurdles To a Successful Career in Business

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Having a successful career in business requires a lot of talent, energy, and sometimes just good luck. But, there are hurdles that people can put in front of themselves that make reaching any reasonable goal almost impossible if they aren’t taken head-on.

If you look at things like alcoholism, narcissism, slanted judgment, and the lack of leadership skills, you can see that all of these conditions can get in the way of any business success. Particularly when more money, more responsibility, and more movement are inserted into an industry, poor presentation of those characteristics are a recipe for disaster.


You can’t argue that there isn’t anything wrong with having a drink or two. Even moderate drinking doesn’t necessarily lead to problems. But true alcoholism, when mixed with business, can be a catastrophe. After a certain point of inebriation, people can make terrible decisions, and the cost of alcohol itself can become a factor. We’ve all heard stories of business people who eventually fall prey to alcoholism, and not only do they lose their personal value, but the careers of everyone that they employee can be affected as well.


In business, confidence is good. But when you take it past a certain point, and you start dealing with narcissism, it’s an entirely different story. You can read about narcissism online or in many different textbooks, journals, and publications, and begin to see small characteristics that feel familiar because you or some of the people you know might have some of them. But when brought together collectively inside a single personality that runs a business, narcissism can be one of the quickest ways to take a good idea and a good product and flush all of the opportunity down the drain.

Slanted Judgment

As a business person, it’s important to remain logical, neutral, and to treat people equally in the workplace. Slanted judgment is sort of a broad umbrella for an individual who thinks that one person is better than another. When people succumb to subtle or overt gender discrepancies, bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, or classism, business acumen starts to fall by the wayside. The best way to run a business is by treating people equally and letting the hardest workers and the most talented people have the most responsibility. Adjusting your decision matrix based on factors other than ability will lead to problems.

Lack of Leadership Skills

You can move up the corporate ladder and be successful to some extent in any business without having a whole lot of leadership skills. However, after a certain point, even if you aren’t a natural leader, you have to know how to present yourself in a way that shows that you are taking responsibility for the people under you, and you are giving them credit. Learning leadership skills is one of the easiest ways to develop a good working relationship with everyone.

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